You would like to have a first glance at the activity? Get to know the method? Then come and join me for a workshop. During this session we will have a look at the context of Home Organising, The method and some practical advices on how and where to start with. The session lasts 2,5 hours and we usually are a group of 6 to 12 participants.

Home Organising

To get rid of the daily clutter

The psychological characters

The external causes of clutter

Where to start?

The method in 10 steps

How to go all the way?

Office Organising

For a simple and efficient paperwork management

Sources and causes of bad paper management

The paper cycle

How to archive and classify your papers

Home Management

How to make daily chores just easier

Gain some good habits

Delegate the chores

The washing cycle


Time management





None of the dates suit you? You can be a hostess and welcome me at your home for a session. It is then free for you.